Titans roundup: Tuesday, Sept. 11

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 8:50am
Matt Matoh, City Paper Correspondent

Your daily roundup of Titans coverage ...

The City Paper: Titans WR Kenny Britt returns to team following week one suspension.

The City Paper: Munchak not losing faith in Chris Johnson despite slow start.

The City Paper: Locker's sore shoulder not likely to keep him on the sidelines.

Titans Online: Titans sign veteran OG Duece Lutui in effort to improve offensive line.

CBS Sports: Munchak confident the Locker will find his stride moving forward.

NBC Sports: Trouble brewing with Titans OC Chris Palmer and team following loss to Patriots?

The Tennessean: Titans QB Locker not expected to miss Sunday night matchup with San Diego. (subscription may be required)

The Tennessean: Titans WR Britt kept busy during week one suspension. (subscription may be required)

Yahoo Sports: Early look ahead to Titans vs. Chargers matchup Sunday night.

Yahoo Sports: Titans next opponent San Diego beats Oakland in Monday night opener.