Titans' Scaife hires Rosenhaus as agent

Monday, July 20, 2009 at 5:43pm
Titans' Bo Scaife

Tennessee Titans tight end Bo Scaife has switched agents to Drew Rosenhaus, who said he hopes to strike a long-term deal for the franchised player.

“We feel he’s one of the best tight ends in league as evidenced by his franchise tag,” Rosenhaus said. “Certainly, we have a lot of experience with tight ends. We represent and just did a contract for Kellen Winslow. We also represent Jeremy Shockey, Randy McMichael, Greg Olson, who was a first-round pick, and Fred Davis, who in my opinion was the top tight end in the senior class.”

Scaife is the Titans franchise player and is scheduled to play for $4.46 million this season after signing the tender offer in May.

Scaife had been represented by the tandem of Kevin Robinson, Jack Mills and Tom Mills since his rookie season when the Titans chose him in the sixth round of the 2005 draft.

The Titans and Scaife are not permitted to hold any negotiations between now and the end of the regular season because no long-term deal was reached by the July 15 deadline.

Scaife led the Titans with 58 receptions last year, but the team drafted Jared Cook in the third round of this year’s draft and believe he has game-breaking potential. Tennessee dealt at 2010 second-round pick to New England on draft weekend to draft Cook.

Scaife’s future is also tied to a new collective bargaining agreement being reached. If that does not happen and 2010 becomes an uncapped year, Scaife will only be a restricted free agent as a five-year veteran.

Rosenhaus also represents Titans defensive end Jevon Kearse and middle linebacker Stephen Tulloch, both of whom can be unrestricted free agents after the season. Tulloch is in the same situation as Scaife, in that he will be restricted if a new CBA is not completed.

“We’ve had long history of deal with the Titans, dealing with Jevon the first and second times, with Stephen Tulloch, and over the years in no particular order with Billy Volek, Zach Piller, Justin Hartwig and Jacob Bell.”

Rosenhaus pointed out that he has had success hammering out new deals over the years with clients who have worn the franchise tag, most notably Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears.

“It think we have great fit with Bo, and we’ve had success with guys who have been franchised in the past,” Rosenhaus said. “Bo is happy in Tennessee, and obviously, I cannot emphasize enough how much we would like to have a new deal in place at the end of the season.”

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By: TitansFan035 on 7/21/09 at 6:51

Oh well there goes Drew and his tomfoolery . Bo don't let this clown fill your head up with crap be your own player and the money will come. Not sure if it will be from the stigy Bud Adams and the titans but it will come.

By: TitansFan035 on 7/21/09 at 6:51

I meant to say stingy, ooops!

By: courier37027 on 7/21/09 at 7:19

"Next question, next question, next question, ..."

By: fdanshep on 7/21/09 at 7:26

I wonder what is the impact on Titan's manaqgement when a player signs with Drew Rosenhaus as opposed to an agent that is known to be fair and will try to get his client a reasonable reward without holding management hostage by holding out or some such?

As a fan, I have a little less respect for the player after that. I'm not saying my feelings are justified, but that's just the way it is.

By: jps13pat on 7/21/09 at 3:56

I was disappointed when I heard this too. Drew rubs me the wrong way (as he does most people it seems). However, we have to keep in mind that Drew works for Bo. If Bo tells Drew to get a deal done with the Titans, then the deal will get done with the Titans. If Bo tells Drew "get me the most money you can. I don't care what team gives it to me," then Bo will not be a Titan for very long.

By: fdanshep on 7/22/09 at 8:16

Yep, Mr. Cook may be "the Man" in 2010 (if not before).