Titans' White, Jets' Scott put feud aside

Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 6:21pm

Last year, when linebacker Bart Scott was with the Baltimore Ravens, he hurled an insult toward LenDale White when Scott was asked to compare White with the Titans other running back, Chris Johnson.

“The fat guy and the fastest guy in the 40,” Scott reportedly said before the regular-season meeting Baltimore.

White at the time said Scott had “popcorn muscles” and that he hated Scott more than any other player in the NFL after Scott referred to him as "plump."

“I don’t think we’ve played against each other too much for him to hate me. That comment he made only came off of one thing. I think it came off because I called him a fat boy,” Scott said.

And while fullback Ahmard Hall still apparently harbors some animosity toward Scott, the Raven-turned-New York Jet says he and White are apparently on friendly terms – at least publicly.

Also, now that White has lost approximately 35 pounds, the fat jokes no longer apply either. Like the pounds, the back and forth banter is gone.

“I was chubby, [expletive]. What do you want me to do?” White said. “It’s like when you go outside and you see the sky and say it’s blue and somebody tries to say it’s green, you look at them like. … So when he called me fat, I was like, ‘I ain’t fat.’ But then you go home and look in the mirror and you go, ‘Damn, he was right. He got me on that.’”

For his part, Scott says the feud with White is over as well.

“It was just a little joke but maybe it hurt or stung a little bit. But see we don’t have that problem anymore because I heard he’s rippling still with sex appeal now, so we don’t have to talk about that anymore,” Scott said. “He’s all leaned-up. He should have did one of those commercials for Jared [of Subway] or something. He could have got an endorsement deal.”

Except that White says his weight loss was based on giving up tequila, not eating tuna sandwiches from a deli chain.

“It’s all a friendly feud. If I saw Bart Scott in Miami or L.A., I’d definitely go over and shake his hand and probably sit down and have a drink with him,” White said.

But no tequila, right?

“I don’t know, maybe,” White said with a smile.

Homecoming for Britt

For rookie first-round pick Kenny Britt, Sunday’s game will be special, as he returns to Giants Stadium where he played his college football at Rutgers.

But that isn’t the most special part about the game. The best part for Britt is that his mother and grandmother will finally get the chance to see him play an NFL game in person.

“I love it actually, because I’m a family man and everybody from my family is over there, both my mother and father’s side, and I’d just like to go back there and play in front of them,” Britt said.

Britt has 35 tickets ordered for friends and family on Sunday, and said that his mother, Michelle Johnson, who refuses to fly, will be his No. 1 supporter Sunday, along with his grandmother.

“She doesn’t like to travel, doesn’t like to get on a plane,” Britt said. “She won’t come out here at all, because the ride is too long and the plane ride, she ain’t getting on that. So getting back there and playing in front of my mother and grandmother means so much to me.”

Family and friends follow Britt from afar using Sunday NFL Ticket to watch Titans games, while his grandmother is busy scouring the newspaper for items on her grandson.

“This is going to mean a lot to my mother and my grandmother especially, because she loves me. She sits in front of the TV all day and reads every paper. She thinks I’m in the paper every single day,” Britt said.

As for the 35 tickets, Britt will hand them to his father, Jack, and tell him to deal with distribution. He also said he got plenty of calls from people he didn’t even know trying to obtain tickets.

“There were people my father’s age and older. People I don’t know on the streets or anything like that. I don’t know how they got my number,” Britt said. “My brother must be spreading it around, because he gets a lot of feedback. Grown men I don’t even know were calling me saying, ‘I’m your father’s friend. Your father gave me your number.’ I know my father definitely didn’t give you my number.”

Hold the Juice

While LenDale White was talking up Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, a fellow former Southern California player, White was asked about another famous USC football legend – O.J. Simpson.
Without missing a beat, White starting talking about the disgraced football star now in jail after a kidnapping conviction years after his infamous murder trial.

“Before 1990, all y’all loved O.J. I don’t know what O.J. did after his lifetime or what he’s been doing. But I know that when I watched O.J. back on film at Southern Cal, he was a monster,” White said. He made me want to go to Southern Cal, you know, Tailback U. You’re still a part of that tradition. He won a Heisman and all that. But with that being said, I don’t know nothing about O.J. and I don’t know what O.J. did.”

Cleared waivers

Cornerback Cary Williams, waived by the Titans on Wednesday to make room for punter Reggie Hodges.
There is the possibility Williams, a seventh-round pick by Tennessee in 2008, could be brought back to the practice squad shortly.

Out of practice

Tight end Bo Scaife did very limited work in Thursday’s practice, but his status is still up in the air.
Meanwhile, linebacker Stanford Keglar (hamstring) and guard Eugene Amano (illness) missed practice a second straight day. Craig Hentrich (calf) has already been declared out.