Titans wide receiver Britt finds himself in legal trouble again

Thursday, June 9, 2011 at 2:47pm
Staff reports

Kenny Britt stayed away from collective workouts with his Tennessee Titans teammates this week. However, he could not stay out of trouble.

For the second time in less than two months, the 2009 first-round draft pick was arrested.

The Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger reported Thursday that Britt was arrested Wednesday night in Hoboken, N.J., by narcotics officers and charged with two counts of resisting arrest. He was ordered to appear in court on June 16.

According to the report, the complaint said Britt “did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away."

The incident occurred just a day after Britt pleaded guilty to careless driving and was fined $478 in connection to an arrest in April. Bayonne (N.J.) police originally charged him with one felony and two misdemeanors in that matter, but he agreed to the guilty plea on lesser charges.

The latest incident just adds to a growing litany of legal troubles for the 22-year-old, who led the Titans in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last season.

Britt was arrested for three outstanding traffic warrants in January of 2010. He was then involved in a bar fight in Nashville in October. He wasn’t charged, but former Titans coach Jeff Fisher benched him for the first quarter of a game.

Earlier this offseason, Britt was charged with theft-by-deception, a misdemeanor, after he was accused by two bail companies of not following through on paying the bail money for a friend who had been arrested.

Britt is not subject to any league discipline while the current NFL lockout is in place.

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By: BigPapa on 6/9/11 at 1:24

This guy is just a bad character. Doubt he'll be doing much for TN this year from the looks of things.

By: gdiafante on 6/9/11 at 1:41

Another loser on the Titans. They sure do grow on trees with this team.

By: Writeman on 6/9/11 at 1:56

"Pacman" is back...

By: BigPapa on 6/9/11 at 2:24

Well I'm pulling for a 0-16 so we can draft ALuck.

By: PKVol on 6/9/11 at 3:37

How many people can say that they've been involved with a police officer 3 times over an 8 month period (October - June), especially something other than simple traffic issues?

If you put yourself in situations in which police get involved, chances are you aren't too distant from some criminal activity, either directly or indirectly. I'm sure pacman, jr. (or should it be pacman2?) will face the commish once the lockout is settled.

The 'theft by deception charge' would not have involved police and the 'arrest for 3 outstanding traffic warrants in January 2010 relates to prior charges that were never resolved from before he was a professional, so I'll allow a courtesy pass on those.

If I could coach a team of 'could-have-beens' that could be straight, I'd be able to win a Super Bowl every year.

By: TITAN1 on 6/10/11 at 7:53

BP, we have Jake Locker, we don't need Andrew Luck. But keep looking at that glass half empty, being negative makes your day.

By: jwk6179 on 6/10/11 at 9:15

Maybe the Titans can bring "Pac-Man" back and rename him and Kenny Britt "The Mario Brothers"!!!

Kenny Britt goes to court on Tueday morning and pleaded guilty to a previous violation and then gets arrested the next day for another violation. At least, Pac-Man usually waited a week or so after his court appearances to committ another violation. But as long as Kenny Britt keeps CATCHING TDS for the Titans, Titan1 WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM!!!!

By: NewYorker1 on 6/10/11 at 10:08

Another NFL player's career destroyed by coming to the Titans. What's with this team destroying all these guy's careers. I know the fans are racist, but what else is going on?

By: TITAN1 on 6/10/11 at 10:18

Jeff, I mean jw. I didn't say I supported what he is doing, did I?

By: jwk6179 on 6/10/11 at 10:50

No, you didn't say you supported Kenny Britt in this matter, but YOU were always to first one to SUPPORT and DEFEND "Pac-Man" Jones everytime he ran afowl of the law or got into legal problems. So, it's safe to ASSUME that any TITAN player that gets arrested would STILL be supported and defend by the great TITAN1!!!

By: TITAN1 on 6/10/11 at 11:13

Jeff, for the last time and hopefully it will sink in this time, the whole time pac man was getting into trouble I said he was making stupid choices but had done nothing to be kicked off the team until the Vegas incident. There were many who felt exactly the same way but you only twisted my views. You have a problem of living in the past and forgetting a lot of it at the same time. You also have a problem with the Titans being so popular here even though they are our home town team. I guess that is what happens when you root for a team up north and out west, you feel out of place. Hang in there, everything will be alright.

By: SportsFan13 on 6/10/11 at 11:50

Gotta Love NY1 comment about how titan fans/Nashville are racist. Thats right, just because he is black, that is the reason he got areested 6 TIMES. Not his own decisions. Britt was in NJ when he got arrested so I fail to see how being apart of the Titans has destroyed his career. Seems like being in Nashville would/could have prevented some of these issues he has had. His coaches/family all agree that NJ was/is the wrong place to be beacuse of the influences around him. Seems like his own personal choices what may be destroying his career. NY1 mindset of "its not me, its everyone elses fault" should be a serious concern because this is the mindset of the younger generation, instead of owning up and taking reponsibility for ones self.

By: Xemo on 6/10/11 at 4:51

It's way past time for this kind of crap to stop. Zero tolerance! Fire their a$$. Anyone who hasn't the good since to know how good they have it doesn't deserve to have it. FIRE - THEIR - A$$. Their are plenty more where they came from who will be glad to keep their nose clean for million dollar careers.

By: Xemo on 6/10/11 at 4:59

Who was the dimwit bail bondsman that didn't get collateral?

By: jwk6179 on 6/10/11 at 5:00

TITAN1, I've got a couple of questions for you. First, what TEAM OUT WEST DO I PULL FOR? I pull for the Packers but I AM UNAWARE THAT I PULL FOR A TEAM OUT WEST, so please tell which team out west I'm pulling for! Second question, how do you know who I am? I thought the purpose of this board was to be able to post without anyone else knowing who was posting, but you seem to know my name. How is that possible?

By: TITAN1 on 6/10/11 at 9:38

jw, I don't know you personally, but even if I do know your name I would never put your last name on a message board.

By: TITAN1 on 6/10/11 at 9:57

Also, stop bugging me about pacman, I gave up on him at Vegas. Britt is making the same bonehead decisions. Anytime something negative comes up with the Titans you want to trash me along with them just because I am a diehard fan of my hometown team. You live here and root for other teams, fine, but leave the hometown fans alone and we will all get along just fine.