Titans/Chiefs missions

Tuesday, December 7, 2004 at 1:00am

Titans missions

1. Keep the tricks coming. OK, maybe it was a smoke-and-mirrors act, but the Titans were at least entertaining against the Colts with all their special teams tricks. And what is Monday Night Football, if not entertainment, especially in a game that now becomes Exhibit A for the much-discussed flex schedule to allow better games to be moved to prime time late in the year.

2. Evaluate and audition. Yes, 2004 is lost with all the injuries. But the Titans need to know what they have and if some of these backups are going to be able to do more than just be bottom of the roster types in 2005. Now is a good time to test these youngsters by giving them increased playing time, no matter what the result.

3. Get some stops. The Tennessee defense will have to be opportunistic to have a chance against Kansas City. They managed to get three takeaways vs. the Colts, but did not force a punt. They

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