Vanderbilt removes 'interim' tag from football coach

Monday, August 2, 2010 at 4:06pm

Hopefully Robbie Caldwell didn’t order any “Interim Head Coach” business cards.

Vanderbilt Vice Chancellor David Williams announced the removal of ‘interim’ tag from Caldwell’s job title at the Rotary Club of Nashville’s meeting at the Wild Horse Saloon on Monday. Caldwell was a guest speaker at the meeting.

Williams says the move is not as eventful as it seems; Vanderbilt had always felt comfortable with Caldwell, but couldn’t be too rash in regard to the process’ timetable. Noting Bobby Johnson’s abrupt departure, Williams said that Caldwell’s appointment “was done literally in a day.” Vanderbilt powers-that-be needed time to analyze the inside-hire before dropping the ‘interim’ tag.

“When we put that [interim tag] on people asked ‘why 'interim'?” Williams said. “Because this happened so quickly—the chancellor was out of town, the board needed to be consulted—and generally before we put a permanent tag on we want to make sure the board is OK.”

After time to adequately assess the situation, and perhaps after Caldwell’s rave reviews speaking at SEC Media Days, the board seems confident with the move.

“I’ve gone to the board leadership and gotten a confirmation that they are confident,” Williams said. “When Robbie was speaking at the Rotary today they still had ‘interim’ and I said ‘you can take that off, he’s our head coach.'”

Though Williams would not divulge details, he confirmed Caldwell would receive updated contract. However, Williams notes that a new contract for Caldwell is also something Vanderbilt  was “going to do anyway.”

“From the very beginning we’ve been working on a contract for him,” said Williams. “Hopefully it will be concluded (Monday) or (Tuesday).”

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By: govskeptic on 8/3/10 at 7:40

Does this also mean the Applicant pool was rather shallow?
Do alot of Universities hire on the basis of a good single press
interview? Not to disrespect Coach Caldwell, but the stated
reasoning and story doesn't exude alot of confidence.

By: Dore4Life on 8/3/10 at 8:35

The removing the interim from his title doesn't mean that Caldwell will absolutely be the HC after the 2010 season. It just means they are trying to put everyone's mind at ease for the season, recruits, current players, etc. The article in the Tennessean about it mentions that part.