Vandy's David Williams bristles at idea of any more SEC expansion

Monday, November 7, 2011 at 5:33pm

With the addition of Missouri, David Williams hopes the Southeastern Conference has reached an “ending point” in regards to conference expansion.

Then again, Vanderbilt’s vice chancellor of Athletics knows that decision is above his pay grade.

“I don’t want it to go any further. But I’m not the one making that decision,” Williams said. “This is a domino effect. This is a perfect example of action and reaction. If other actions take place, I think we’ve said to the commissioner, both from the presidents’ level and the [athletic directors’] level, is ‘Your job is to protect the brand and the strength of this conference.' ”

On Sunday, the SEC’s presidents and chancellors agreed unanimously to add Missouri. Big 12 foe Texas A&M was invited back in September.

The SEC officially will have 14 members on July 1, 2012.

With the move, SEC commissioner Mike Slive said on Sunday that Missouri will compete in the SEC East. Therefore, Texas A&M will be a member of the SEC West.

In football, schools currently play all six teams in its division plus three games against opponents from the other division.

To continue that format, with seven teams in a division, the league would have to add a ninth conference game. SEC spokesperson Charles Bloom ended that speculation Monday with a tweet: “SEC will continue to play eight conference games in football. There has been no discussions on nine-game schedule.”

As for other sports, Williams said he is unsure how they would be affected. Over the summer, the league’s men’s basketball coaches voted to dissolve the divisions for a 12-team format, effective this season.

With 14 teams on the horizon, going back to divisional play might have to be discussed, according to Williams.

With 13 schools, Williams said the league was not going to expand the eight-team SEC baseball tournament field. But he said with 14, “we’ll probably look at it real seriously.”

Scheduling concerns aside, Williams said Missouri is a welcome addition to the SEC.

“Missouri is a good school,” Williams said. “There is nothing to sneeze at Missouri. It is a good academic school. It has a good athletic reputation.”

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