Vince Young might be out of chances after he's released again

Monday, August 27, 2012 at 5:47pm
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The Buffalo Bills released Vince Young on Monday.


In college, Vince Young was a guy who seemingly could do it all.

He led the University of Texas to a 30-2 record, capped by his legendary performance in the BCS championship game victory over USC, completed nearly 62 percent of his passes and rushed for more than 3,000 yards. He produced a combined 81 touchdowns — more than two and a half per game —running and throwing.

Seven years later, the Buffalo Bills considered him the one guy who could ruin it all. So they waived him Monday.

“We spent a lot of money in the offseason,” Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix said. “We put a lot of money in this football team, and we think we’ve got good players and a chance to be competitive.

“I wouldn’t want one guy to get hurt and couldn’t play and everybody else be helpless to get it done. So it’s a protection.”

Young signed a one-year deal with the Bills early in the offseason to be Ryan Fitzpatrick’s backup. The team backed away from him after he completed 12 of 26 passes and threw two interceptions in an extended preseason performance during a 38-7 loss to Pittsburgh.

He was Buffalo’s leading rusher in its first contest and its leading passer, in terms of yards, each of the next two games but completed just 48.1 percent of his throws and had a 48.2 passer rating.

"I want to thank the Bills organization for the opportunity and wish the organization and my teammates good luck this season,” he wrote on his Twitter account Monday morning.

It is the third time in a little more than a year the third overall pick and first quarterback in the 2006 draft was let go.

Tennessee announced plans in January 2011 to cut ties with him and finally followed through on July 28, shortly after the lockout ended. He spent last season as Michael Vick’s backup in Philadelphia but went 1-2 as a starter and was released early in the offseason.

Buffalo turned him loose after it acquired Tavaris Jackson in a trade with Seattle.

“I don’t want to get into what he can do and can’t do,” Nix said, according to reports. “It just didn’t work out. … Vince did everything that he could. He worked hard at it. He did everything that we asked him to do. It just didn’t work. So we’re going another route.”

Jackson entered the league the same year as Young but with much less fanfare. The Alabama State product was the fifth quarterback selected and has a .500 record as a starter (17-17) for the Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings.

Young was 30-17 as an on-again, off-again starter over five seasons with the Titans, which included six straight victories and the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year award in 2006. In the last 40 years of the franchise only Steve McNair (76) and Warren Moon (70) had more career wins as a starting quarterback.

A postgame disagreement with then-coach Jeff Fisher in 2010 earned him a suspension. That and an injury kept him out of action for the final six games of that season and ended his time with the Titans.

Before that he drew criticism for uneven play, unpredictable work habits and his inability to master many of the nuances of the team’s offensive playbook. He also, however, was a favorite of team owner Bud Adams, who from his Houston home followed Young as a high school and college star.

Adams, like so many in the Lone Star State, saw the guy who seemingly could do it all as someone who could do no wrong. Eventually, even he changed his mind.

Now Vince Young looks like a guy who might have to find something else to do.


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By: jwk6179 on 8/27/12 at 5:55

Last week, during the David Climer segment on Sports Night on 102.5 the Game, George Plaster stated that he was never a Vince Young fan and he always thought that Vince Young wasn't a good fit with the Tennessee Titans. Talk about Revisionist History. This coming from the same man that basically referred to Vince Young as a "Perennial Pro Bowler and Future Hall of Famer" right after the Titans made him the #3 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

By: Rasputin72 on 8/27/12 at 10:50

At least we now have cleared the name of Jeff Fisher. Jeff Fisher did everything possible to make this gifted athlete with the brain of a gerbel an NFL quarterback. We know now that was an impossible task

By: global_citizen on 8/28/12 at 7:09

jwk, I don't necessarily see those comments as contradictory, much less revisionist history.

Can someone not be a fan and still see Pro Bowl potential or Hall of Fame potential? Sure. Can someone believe he's a good player but not a good fit for the team? Again, yes.

I think Vince Young is a decently talented person who let his own ego cut short his career. He said it himself in an interview with 60 Minutes on CBS, "No on can tell me what to do." That's too bad. Good coaching could have brought out his potential and he shunned it.

By: BigPapa on 8/28/12 at 7:54

$5M dollar arm, .05 cent head.... that's his problem.

Also the years he won game were the years the titans had the #1 &#2 ranked Def in the NFL. Many of those games were won despite VY and his INTs.

The Titans blew it with VY and Pac, those are two very high picks that just aren't on our roster, they're barely relevant in the NFL. Those are two picks that should have been taken care of for 8-10 yrs.

By: govskeptic on 8/28/12 at 8:08

Vince appears to be a very descent fellow, but the pampering through
high school and college must have set up an attitude that ruined his
team play and maturity to a serious fault. After leaving the Titans a
catch 22 situation came into play for him.

By: dargent7 on 8/28/12 at 8:16

This guy scored a 6 on the Wonderlic NFL test ,out of 50. That's like getting a 300 on the SAT's out of 1,600.
Re-took it and got a 16.
Dumbest of the dumb.
Got into a fist fight in Dallas at a strip club at 3:30am.
Threw his shoulder pads into the stands when he was benched at LP Field.
Yelled and swore at coach Fisher in front of all players.
Sometimes, mostly, threw for 5 out of 20 attempts.
Sat on the bench pouting when he was pulled for Collins.
Left home with a gun and mommy had to call the coach to entice him back home.
The list is endless.
Who give's a rat's ass what he accomplished in college?
This is the NFL for grown-ups.

By: G.Scout on 8/28/12 at 8:16

It's Jeff Fisher who single-handedly ruined VY. Fisher made sure he turned him into a head case by making him an on again/off again starter. You can't do that to a young athlete and expect him to consistently produce for you when you decide you feel like playing him. Fisher just didn't like him. Period.

By: global_citizen on 8/28/12 at 9:05

Anyone who has a low tolerance for B.S. and bad attitudes wouldn't like him. You can hardly blame Fisher for that.

By: G.Scout on 8/28/12 at 11:48

I can blame Jeff Fisher for ruining him by destroying his self-confidence. As for the rest of it -- Fisher created it himself.

By: BigPapa on 8/28/12 at 12:40

I' trying to follow the logic of how or why a coach would TRY to make a QB be unsuccessful and not win games. That's crazy. Coaches get fired for losing.

VY sucks as a QB the only thing that props him up is that skewed W-L record, but he was not the proximate cause of most of those wins. Yes he was on the team, but the team also had the best Defense in the NFL those years.

By: G.Scout on 8/28/12 at 12:55

I'm not saying he TRIED to make him unsuccessful. I'm saying he DID make him unsuccessful by the way he treated him. Fisher made him a head case. The rest is history but FIsher caused it.

By: Rasputin72 on 8/28/12 at 2:21

Jeff Fisher has been vindicated by the intelligent class. There is an element among a class of people that have a minority opinion on everything including whether the earth is round or flat.

By: dargent7 on 8/28/12 at 2:40

Yeah, sure. Jeff Fisher made Young take the rest of the thugs to a Dallas strip club, pre-season, and get into a brawl at 3:30am.
Name one thing Young did for Nashville's youth? Charity?
Guy made $27. million and wasn't happy.
Too bad.
He's not NFL caliber.
At least Michael Vick, disgraced, bankrupt, has at least TRIED to come back, scum-bucket he is, and all.
Young thinks he's royality and entitled because of what he did in Texas.
The NFL doesn't revolve around college ball in Texas.

By: jwk6179 on 8/28/12 at 6:49

jwk, I don't necessarily see those comments as contradictory, much less revisionist history.

Can someone not be a fan and still see Pro Bowl potential or Hall of Fame potential? Sure. Can someone believe he's a good player but not a good fit for the team? Again, yes.

I can name a number of other things George Plaster stated that would contradict what he said last week, such as, "Vince Young would be the face of the NFL", "The Titans would win numerous Super Bowls with Vince Young as QB", "Players would take pay cuts in order to come to the Titans just for the chance of playing with the most Elite QB in the NFL". How can you not say what he said last week is REVISIONIST HISTORY?!!?

By: G.Scout on 8/29/12 at 1:13

Rasputin -- "the intelligent class," a class of which you are DEFINITELY not a part.

By: global_citizen on 8/30/12 at 8:37

Name one thing Young did for Nashville's youth? Charity?

Are you serious or just misinformed?

You may not like the man, but give credit where credit is due. He donated $10,000 to the PENCIL Foundation's teacher supply store, two years in a row. He held youth camps. Sure other celebrities have done more, but it's not like Vince Young did nothing.