When it comes to receivers, Titans drop the ball

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 1:00am

As the Tennessee Titans enter Saturday’s NFL Draft, one of the team’s greatest needs — wide receiver — is also one of the team’s greatest draft day disappointments.

Since 1997, the Titans have drafted 17 wide receivers and only one of those players developed into a bona fide NFL star — Derrick Mason, who was a fourth-round selection from that 1997 draft.

In fact, only seven Titans draft picks at receiver are currently on any NFL roster, while an eighth — Justin McCareins — remains on the free agent market looking for a team And only he and Mason collected more than 200 career receptions.

The team has the 30th pick in Saturday’s first-round, which begins at 10 a.m. on ESPN. For more details on the draft, click here.

Catching on with the Titans?
How Tennessee draft picks have fared since 1997:

YrDft. Player Current team
1997 Joey Kent (Out of NFL)
1997 Derrick Mason (Ravens, 790 catches)
1998 Kevin Dyson (Retired)
1999 Darran Hall (Out of NFL)
2001 Justin McCareins (Free agent, 240 catches)
2001 Eddie Berlin (Retired)
2002 Jake Schifino (Out of NFL)
2002 Darrell Hill (Out of NFL)
2003 Tyrone Calico (Out of NFL)
2005 Courtney Roby (Saints)
2005 Brandon Jones (49ers)
2005 Roydell Williams (Out of NFL)
2006 Jonathan Orr (Out of NFL)
2007 Paul Williams (Titans)
2007 Chris Davis (Titans)
2007 Joel Filani (Rams)
2008 Lavelle Hawkins (Titans)


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By: Titans_Fan033. on 4/21/09 at 7:17

Typical of a team that just wants to run the ball but when that fails, we loose!