White says ‘frustration’ caused outburst

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 1:52am
LenDale White says frustration with a loss caused his post-game outburst vs. the Jets. File

LenDale White acknowledged that he was wrong for his comments made after Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets and said he has apologized to coach Jeff Fisher.

White said in the locker room after Sunday’s 34-13 loss that he didn’t really care or pay attention to the game as he only played in three plays. White had one carry for a 1-yard loss in the first quarter and did not return to the game after dropping an open pass in the flat from Kerry Collins.

“I think the things that were said were definitely out of frustration. I think everybody on this team knows full well that I care about my teammates and I care about winning,” White said Tuesday. “I let my emotions, I let the little guy on this shoulder (pointed to his left) get too much in my ear and I said some things without talking to coach Fisher before I made some of the comments I made. As far as me not caring about the game, if we all rewind the film and look at it, I was on the sideline next to Earnest Byner the whole time, so I was definitely well in tune with the game. I just let my emotions get the best with me.”

White spent a good portion of the game seated on the Titans’ bench and accompanied by Vince Young. He had an exchange with Byner after the dropped pass and did not return to the game after that, but said there was nothing physical in the confrontation with his position coach.

“I was really upset, and Vince came over to me and said, ‘Let’s catch a couple of balls and get your hands right and get back out there and make something happen,’” White said. “There’s a lot of times you don’t see eye to eye with a lot of things that go on, but I don’t know if there’s emotion that made me do anything to him or him do anything to me. That’s my coach. I respect him to the highest level. … Even if there is something that has been said or something that went on, he understands that maybe I was upset about dropping the ball and he respects that. There was no problem with me and Earnest and there still is no problem with me and Earnest. That’s my coach. I respect him and I’m going to listen to whatever he tells me.”

When asked if there was any physical confrontation with Byner on the sideline, White joked, “Do I have a black eye or does he have a black eye? If I get in any physical confrontation, I’m going to make sure somebody has some type of bruise to remember it and I would probably get in trouble for it.”

White said he had apologized to Fisher for his actions, but stung by the criticism in the media because of his postgame statements.

“I was in the wrong about it. I could have spoken to Jeff before I made anything public, but I didn’t and I had to live with that,” White said, “and I’ve got to live with all the ESPN smart guys that know everything. Everything that they know, it’s awesome to hear. I sit at home and I laugh at some of the things they say, but I guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks.”

Fisher said Monday that White talked to him in his office before he left the stadium after Sunday’s game.

Healthy team: For a team on a short week, the Titans are about as healthy as could be expected. For Tuesday’s light practice, the Titans had every single player participate in the work.

Cornerback Nick Harper (foot) and defensive tackle Jason Jones (foot), who have missed the past two games with injuries, both returned to practice fully on Tuesday.

“He warmed up in Jacksonville on the field and ran pretty well. He looks pretty healthy right now, but we won’t be able to tell until tomorrow,” Fisher said of Harper.

Also, defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch was taken off the injury report altogether, the first time since injuring it Oct. 5 he has not been on the report.

“I think the injury is all but behind Kyle now,” Fisher said.

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (knee), defensive end Jevon Kearse (ankle), receiver Justin McCareins (ankle) were also taken off the injury report.

Others who practiced fully on Tuesday included linebacker Colin Allred (concussion), linebacker Keith Bulluck (ribs), cornerback Chris Carr (shoulder) and tackle Michael Roos (foot).

Little finished: The Titans decided to end the three-week window that running back Rafael Little had to work out to determine whether or not to move him to the active roster. The decision ends Little’s season and he is expected to continue to rehab and be ready for offseason work and training camp in 2009.

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