Young calls for Titans in Super Bowl next season

Sunday, January 3, 2010 at 10:39pm

SEATTLE — Vince Young rebounded from his worst start of the season on Christmas night against San Diego with a solid performance that provided a nice assist to Chris Johnson in his successful quest for 2,000 yards on Sunday.

Young was 17 of 28 for 171 yards with one interception in helping the Titans past the Seahawks, 17-13. He finished his return as the starting quarterback with an 8-2 mark over 10 games. That would appear to have Young entrenched as the Titans starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, one that Young says will include a Super Bowl next year.

Asked what his pledge for 2010 might be, the fourth-year quarterback did not hesitate.

“Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl,” Young said. “My prediction is that we are making it to the Super Bowl. The fact is, I’m going to work so hard in the off-season, so I can lead my teammates better. That’s what I want to leave with right there.”

Young said he was pleased with his progress this season after beginning the year mired on the bench behind Kerry Collins. It was only at the insistence of owner Bud Adams that Young was reinserted into the lineup as the starter after an 0-6 start.

“I’m getting to know the game a little more,” Young said. “I’m pretty pleased with how I finished the season. It could be better, but at the same time, starting off in the middle of the season how things progressed, that we could have made it to the playoffs and things like that.

“I’m pretty happy with how I finished the season, but at the same time, I’m planning on having an even better year next year.”

Young finished the season 152 of 259 for 1,879 yards with 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions. His 82.8 passer rating is a career high.

On Sunday, Young’s primary job was to keep the chains moving in the second half and take advantage of a stacked box that was trying to keep Chris Johnson out of the NFL record book.

“That was my job today – to keep the defense off C.J. and complete my passes down the field,” Young said.

Strong finish

The Titans’ 2009 season will go into the books overall as a disappointment, considering they finished 13-3 a year ago and slumped to 8-8 this season.

But, given their 0-6 start, players and coaches took some consolation in being the first team in NFL history to finish at .500 after such a terrible start.

“This couldn’t have worked out any better for us,” Coach Jeff Fisher said of getting Johnson his 2,000 yards and still winning to finish 8-8. “To win the game, and also to accomplish what we did.”

And while the playoffs aren’t in the cards for the Titans, they came away pleased that they were able to finish in the middle of the pack, rather than at the bottom where they stood after six weeks.

“To go 8-2, that is positive,” safety Michael Griffin said. “It is something to look forward to in the off-season. … I think right now everyone knows what we have. We are going to work toward next season.”

Even Johnson, who was the focal point of Sunday with his reaching 2,000 yards, reflected on what might have been for the Titans.

“We could have easily been a playoff team, if we could have won two or three out of the first six,” Johnson said. “We know next year we can’t start off behind the eight-ball like that.”

Rookie contributions

The outcome wasn’t decided until the final series, when rookie Gerald McRath intercepted a Matt Hasselbeck on fourth-and-9 from the Tennessee 27 with 1:19 to play. It was the rookie’s first career interception.

McRath has been starting at linebacker with David Thornton out because of a shoulder injury. It was his fifth career start.

Also, defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks had one of three sacks by the Titans against Hasselbeck, as Griffin and safety Chris Hope had the other two.


The Titans finished third in the AFC South behind Indianapolis and Houston, but ahead of Jacksonville. That finish firms up the Titans list of opponents for 2010. It means the Titans will travel to Miami to face the Dolphins from the AFC East and will host the Pittsburgh Steelers from the AFC North next year.

The Titans play the entire AFC West and NFC East next year.

The Titans home games next year will also include their three division rivals, and games against Oakland, Denver, Philadelphia and Washington.

Road games in addition to the division games and Miami include San Diego, Kansas City, the New York Giants and Dallas.

The NFL releases its schedule in April.

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By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 7:23

I like your attitude, VY! Keep up the good work and have a great off season. Looking forward to next year! The future is bright!

By: sidneyames on 1/4/10 at 8:05

Michael is my hero; I love that kid; he's super bowl material without bragging about it. Go Michael!

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 8:32

There are so many things that can and possibly happen during the off season that it is just FOOLISH for ANYONE to GUARANTEE a SUPER BOWL for next season. A lot of Titans in all likely hood won't be back next, such Kevin Muawe (Free Agency or Retirement), Alge Crumpler (Free Agent), Bo Scaife (likely Free Agent), Jevon Kearse (Retirement), Len Dale White (Free Agent, plus I think he wants to go to a team where he is the FEATURE BACK), Kerry Collins (probably Retirement), Keith Bullock (Free Agent), David Thorton, Kyle VandenBosch and a few other others. At least wait until Training Camp starts in August before GUARANTEEING a Super Bowl for the Titans.

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 9:23

He made a "prediction" not a guarantee. You do know the difference, right? He is portraying confidence. I like that.

By: brrrrk on 1/4/10 at 9:30

Really? Are half of the teams dropping out next year?

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 10:21

Both Hope Hines on Newschannel5 "Sport Extra" and the folks on the StateAuto's SportsZone (Willie Daunic, Terry McCormick, Scott Sanderson, etal) REFERED to Vince Young's STATEMENT as a GUARENTEE, not a PRODICTION!!!

By: brrrrk on 1/4/10 at 10:40

jwk6179 said,

"Both Hope Hines on Newschannel5 'Sport Extra' and the folks on the StateAuto's SportsZone (Willie Daunic, Terry McCormick, Scott Sanderson, etal) REFERED to Vince Young's STATEMENT as a GUARENTEE, not a PRODICTION!!!" ----- Just like Johnson's assurance that he had Eric Dickerson's all time rushing record? Optimism is a great thing, but it should be guarded and served up with a side of humility... especially after this season... the last 10 games notwithstanding.

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 10:47

jw, I read things for myself and read only what is there. I this story he "Predicted". Quote. "My prediction is that we are making it to the Super Bowl."

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 11:31

Amen to that, brrrk. It's good to have someone else on this board that things THROUGH REALITY, not FICTION, like Titan1 and his ilk. Just like Chris Johnson stated that HE WILL BREAK THE RUSHING RECORD YEAR. Maybe if he put his TEAMS' GOALs ahead of his own, they may make the play-offs next year!

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 12:23

jw, where in the story did he say guarantee. Getting someone else to hold your hand does not make it true. I quoted what he said in this story, neither of you did that. You are saying the local sports media is saying that he guaranteed the Super Bowl. The same sports media you always put down and criticize.

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 12:27

BTW, the better a player does, the better the team does, he is putting the team first. You can't really believe half the stuff you type. LOL! Always grasping for straws to try and put down the hometown team.

By: brrrrk on 1/4/10 at 12:46

TITAN1 said,

"BTW, the better a player does, the better the team does, he is putting the team first." ------ The better ALL players do, the better the team does. That's why they call them TEAMS..... And Chris Johnson (and I'm not disputing his talent) only did as well as he did because the team has no real depth.

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 1:19

I'm going by what was said last night on the local Sports Reports. Both Hope Hines on Newschannel5's Sports Central and Willie Daunic and Terry McCormick on StateAuto's SportZone all stated on the air that Vince Young Guarentees the Titans will be in the Super Bowl next year. That was their WORDS, NOT MINE!!! It was said on TV, I never said it was in this STORY, DUMBASS!!!!

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 1:22

I think Chris Johnson would rather go 0-16 and rush for 2500 yards in an season than go 16-0 and Win the Super Bowl and only rush for 1200 yards or so. He ONLY IS CONCERNED ABOUT HIS STATS, NOT HOW WELL THE TEAM DOES!!!

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 1:43

What YOU think someone's motive is doesn't mean squat. I am going by what they say themselves. You go all out to try to find something negative on the hometown team because you can't stand our support for them. If I were you, I would move because you are one miserable individual. Go Titans! Go VY! Go CJ!

By: jwk6179 on 1/4/10 at 1:57

And the ONLY PEOPLE who give a squat about what you have to say are your fellow residents in Mister Roger's Land of Make Believe!!!

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 2:10

Keep grasping for those straws! LOL!

By: wayneCaluger on 1/4/10 at 3:17

Bud’s franchise future is now guarantying he will fulfill the old man dream of winning Super Bowl before he dies to guarantee getting his $14 million. If we couldn’t get it done this year Bud will run out of time before his dream is realized

As jwk6179 pointed out we will no doubt lose several good players that made last years 13-3 season possible and there are several players who made this 8-8 season possible that need to go. We need players that can not only tackle and cover receivers but smart enough to realize that mugging and setting settling scores on the field penalizes the whole team helping opponents march down the field. Rarely do title contending teams rack up 15 yard penalties. Their DB’s and DL have the smarts and skills to break up passes and cleanly sack quarterbacks much less have a 15 yard penalty called on a coach or 30 yards in penalties in one play.

The Titans beat 1 playoff team this year due to after Warner being unable to. Next schedule will be tougher replacing patsy teams with playoff teams like Philadelphia and Dallas and Denver, the New York Giants and Washington who I suspect will be much improved. If Washington signs Mike Shanahan as their head coach and with one of George Alan son’s now running the front office I suspect an offensive turnaround (new quarterback) for the Skins.

While credit for the 0-6 turn around has gone to VY I attribute it to inserting CJ on every down rather than alternating or replacing CJ on short yardage situations LDW. With CJ setting so many records one over looked is 2,000 yards by a back not on a winning or title contender team. As a franchise since becoming a member of the NFL/AFC the Titans has won 1 conference tile/ made one Super Bowl appearance.

It takes more than a running game. It takes players like Dyson, Mason, Bennett and Wycheck who can catch a pass and a quarterback like McNair who can make smart throws and throw NFL catchable passes.

Yes VY has improved but when you watch a true rookie like Mark Sanchez and compare his improvement over a season we are nowhere close to being a playoff contender. Even if we had the likes of Randy Moss and a host of other top receivers to compliment our 1000-2000 yards a season running back you have to have a quarterback capable of performing at the NFL level game in and game out. The Colts running game is virtually non existent, but look where they are at every year including this year without Marvin Harrison.

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 4:04

Wayne, if you really want any credibility, take off your hate glasses for VY and NEVER quote jw! OMG!

By: brrrrk on 1/4/10 at 4:44

TITAN1 said
"Wayne, if you really want any credibility, take off your hate glasses for VY and NEVER quote jw! OMG!" ------- Regardless, I just don't think VY has the smarts... no doubt he has strong skills, but that's not enough to get to the Super Bowl, well win it anyway. The reality is that he's in his third year and still making really really dumb decisions. Good basic skills can be learned, smarts... well that's something different. And by the way, this has nothing to do with hate... I just don't see VY as the one to get the team to the top, PERIOD. Who knows, I may be surprised... but I don't think so.

By: TITAN1 on 1/4/10 at 6:11

I think he has proven this year he is a smart qb. He know longer just looks at one receiver and he sets up well in the pocket. He has made some great throws and yes he has made some bad decisions. But, so has the best qb in the league, Manning. Manning has made a lot of bad decisions this year and thrown a lot of interceptions. Some NFL network talking heads even said the interceptions could keep him from getting the MVP. VY is not Peyton Manning but has proven that he is a very good qb.

By: wayneCaluger on 1/4/10 at 6:33

Guys, it's not a VY hate campaign. He is a fine young man and all should be proud of what he has accomplished including winning the National Championship at Texas. Yes he was the reason Texas won. He stepped up to the plate and helped Michele McNair when a lot of so called friends did not.

The point I was trying to make was the Titans has zero when it comes to a quarterback capable doing what is required to win against the caliber of teams you have to beat to make it to the Conference Championship much less the Super Bowl.

VY strongest skill is his legs and like Pat Smith one of the Dolphins two rookie quarterbacks will get you a gurney ride and perhaps a career ending one at that. Smith had not thrown a pass completion in the NFL using his legs like he did at WV. He got hit so hard you could hear it and the young man never moved while on the ground. Unlike the Titans the Dolphins carry three quarterbacks so Thigpen had to go in and the season pro as he turned a Steeler route 30-24 loss. The point is if VY continues to use his legs like he did at Texas his NFL career will be short.

As for his throwing mechanics it is what it is and you cannot change that regardless. That is like teaching a person to sing who lacks range, ear and so forth or showing a person every known baseball grip. If you don't have the proper pitching mechanics you cannot throw strikes or locate the pitch. With a ninety plus an hour fastball you will be a great college pitcher. However, at the big show those ninety hour fastballs if in the strike zone will end up downtown. You hang the curve and they will bang it.

Same theory hold true for any ball sport and you either have it you don't. As a former coach VY lacks the most important skill, a skill you cannot teach at his age and that is proper mechanics to make on target and on time throws. It is not his fault, it's the fault of those who coached him in his early years in Pop Warner or whatever youth league.

I'm not wearing hate glasses nor am I wearing the rose colored glasses that some are wearing. Take them off and subjectively watch other young quarterbacks like Mark Sanchez or leave them on and look for other reasons for why the team cannot make it any higher than a possible wild card playoff contender.

By: TITAN1 on 1/5/10 at 6:14

You still have your hate glasses on. You totally ignored where I pointed out what everyone else has seen, even though some refuse to admit it, he is a very good pocket passer now and still has the threat with his legs. That combination opens the door even more for CJ. You say he has had three years, yes he has and he is 28-13 as a starter. Oh, wait, because it is VY you will say it was someone else who won those games. It is a team sport, every player is responsible for a win or loss. Manning does not win by himself. You talk about VY's mechanics, that is BS, he has made many accurate and incredible throws. Oh, and that was the national media calling the game that saw them, too. You sound like 0ne of those who will only be happy with a Super Bowl, but then you will be the first to complain when they don't repeat and don't win it every year. I have lived in Nashville or middle Tennessee all my life and I remember when we were not on the radar for a NFL team. Thanks to Mr Adams, then Mayor Phil Bredesen, and us "Yes" voters we not only have a team, but we have a competitive team and have sold out every game since the stadium was built. If we win the Super Bowl, great! If not, I am grateful to have this first class organization in my hometown. That is what is all about to me, supporting my home town and home state teams.

By: jwk6179 on 1/5/10 at 9:41

Ask the people of Houston and South Texas if they agree if this a FIRST CLASS ORGANIZATION and they will tell you with a RESOUNDING HELL NO as long as the OLD SOT BUD ADAMS is involved with it!!!

By: TITAN1 on 1/5/10 at 10:26

That is Houston, this is Nashville. Christmas is over jw, no reason to still be green with envy and red with jealously. LOL!

By: wayneCaluger on 1/5/10 at 10:48

Well all I have to say on this is, should for some reason VY become available to any club in the NFL I would be surprised, no shocked, if any NFL team would go after him for even a backup.

Well all I have to say on this is, should for some reason VY become available to any club in the NFL I would be surprised, no shocked, if any NFL team would go after him for even a backup. This is difference between a fan that has coached and understands the mechanics a player must have at every position in order to play in the NFL.

I was not impressed with short passes thrown behind players, at their knees or into the ground or the air ball thrown into what became double coverage and intercepted because it lacked to zip allowing the safety to come over the top.

If you cannot throw over handed you will eat a lot of balls batted back if you try and throw over the middle on a slant/crossing route. If you cannot get the zip on the ball when you plant the back foot (right foot in this case) and step up in the pocket there will even less zip when you throw on the run.

There has never, ever been a successful side arm quarter back in the NFL. Even my wife who has never been a football fan until this year see's the difference between Farve (her favorite), Manning and other NFL quarterbacks. She says he throws like a sissy.

I too have lived all my life in Middle Tennessee and we support the Titans, even one of my sons who lives in Florida flies the Titan and UT flag. It's not about winning the Super Bowl each year but about having a competitive team. If you don't have a team competitive enough to have a real chance at the playoff's fan support will erode and the tax payers will be faced with a $100 debt for LP field, a Houston Oiler do over. This is how we got the franchise from Houston and we could lose it in the same way.

By: TITAN1 on 1/5/10 at 11:17

We have a competitive, sit back and enjoy!!!!

By: TITAN1 on 1/5/10 at 11:22

That should be competitive team, but you get my drift.