Young has no worries about LP Field return

Thursday, August 13, 2009 at 9:17pm

Vince Young will play quarterback at LP Field on Saturday night for the first time since being booed and then injured in the season opener last year against Jacksonville.

And if Young is showing any fears of taking the field for the first time in front of the home folks in Nashville, he certainly isn’t showing that he is fazed by it.

“I’m not really feeding into that no more. That’s over with. That’s done. That wasn’t the whole stadium that was booing. That was a couple of people,” Young said. “I can’t really focus in on that. I’ve got to get ready to play football. I’ve got a whole football organization looking for me to go out there and take care of my responsibilities.”

Young won’t start the game, but is expected to play about a half after Kerry Collins and the first team get through about three series worth of work in against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And if things don’t go well for Young, such as an interception or a bad pass on Saturday?

“I’m not really worried about all that. That used to be [what I worried about]. I used to sit and think about stuff like that, but I don’t think about that no more,” said Young, who was 5 of 10 for 39 yards with one TD and one interception against Buffalo. “I just take care of my responsibilities as a quarterback and a football player, and let them all make their own decisions.”

He said he is learning not to put all the burden on himself and to let mistakes go and move forward and have fun.

“That’s one thing me and Coach [Mike] Heimerdinger have been talking about. That’s becoming a quarterback. That’s becoming a human being. Stuff is going to happen, and I used to put a lot on my shoulders back in the day,” Young said. “Now, if I throw and interception, I’ve got to put it down and get ready for the next series. You’ve still got four downs in an offense, and you’ve got to put that in the past and run the next play.

“In life too, you’ve got to fight through it. You’ve got to get ready for the next day, because that’s all you have is the next day to get better at what you do.”

Titans coach Jeff Fisher said Young is looking forward to stepping back on the home field Saturday night.

“Football is football. He’s going to go out and do the best he can,” Fisher said. “He’s had a good camp and had a good day today. He’s looking forward to getting back on the field, I’m sure.”


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By: SirKnight on 8/14/09 at 9:17

I have to admit, VY sounds like he's been given some good advice from a lot of people. I hope he has matured as much as he appears to have.

I have a 21-year-old daughter who has suddenly started to come to some self-realizations recently and has taken the bull by the horns about her life. Before, she was so reactionary and vulnerable to anything and everything.

I think VY has also 'grown up' a lot in the last year. I liked what I saw in him vs. Buffalo. The INT he threw was not his fault and he took it like a man, anyway.