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Various Latin artists try different approaches

There are so many genres, idioms and styles lumped together under the Latin music banner it is little wonder there is so much consumer confusion. Manu Chao, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Moreno Veloso, Alfredo Triff, Gidon Kremer, the duo of Sergio & Odair Assad and composer/guitarist Guinga cover everything from salsa to tango, Afro-Cuban and samba on new releases. More

Navigate the lines of political correctness in the Envoy

"We're in a transition. Sport utility vehicles are getting more car-like and sacrificing SUV-ness. Envoy has ultra-refined luxury and still doesn't give up anything SUV-ish. Twist a button on the dash and choose two-wheel drive, automatic four-wheel drive, four-high or four-low. In automatic four-wheel drive, the Envoy decides for itself when extra traction is needed, such as slippery roads. And it has more comfort and convenience features than a More

Schfvilkus strikes fine balance between technique and feeling

Although their music adeptly combines elements of jazz, funk, rock and reggae, the last thing the Nashville ensemble Schfvilkus wants to be called is a fusion band. That

Creating casseroles - Mixing ingredients and marrying the perfect meal

Casseroles are convenient, and the idea of some of them being meal-in-one dishes are certainly desirable. Add a salad and bread and you are in business. But the appeal goes way beyond saving time and effort. The blending or marrying of flavors is the key reason we all love casseroles.

Instruments of love and torture

Swing by the Belle Meade Plantation before Sept. 16 and get a gander at Strait-Laced and Loose Women, an exhibit of women More

Patient extols virtues of Lasik surgery

Few patients undergoing surgery are willing or interested in having the process observed by strangers. But Hermitage resident Debbie Smith not only permitted about 20 people to watch her Lasik procedure July 30, she even held a brief news conference after the operation was completed. More

John Hiatt

MUSIC CITY MUSE - Reviews on John Hiatt, Confederate Railroad and Santana.

Debbie Davies makes her finest album as a leader

No one remotely knowledgeable about blues playing or singing ever doubted Debbie Davies could make it as a solo performer. The charismatic singer and instrumentalist was an audience favorite during a three-year stretch with legendary Texas virtuoso Albert Collins. More

City Confidential

Dan Thompson, he doesn More

IRS gives local kids helping hand

The local Internal Revenue Service office is doing something important for the kids at Kirkpatrick Elementary School. Over 100 employees at the IRS


Michael Eric Dyson's writings on race and culture have been acclaimed in both academic and popular circles, and his newest book may prove even more controversial than last year

New television season can't arrive quickly enough

It seems the new television season arrives later and later each year, and concludes much earlier. New programs aren

Chef's choice

All hail Caesar. It

Weekly Reminder

AUGUST 20 - 24, - Losing light: Every day until October we More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: OPENing up to the public and David Byrne plays at the Mother Church. More

Laying out Labor Day tabletops

This Labor Day, why not tweak tradition a bit? Yes, I know that Aunt Tillie absolutely must serve her deviled eggs in her special deviled egg tray. And Cousin Nick will man the grill, fervently churning out hamburgers and hot dogs whether you want them or not. But there are plenty of ways to decorate that will set your party apart. More

Sometimes, your wife may be your best inspiration

One of the things that I have found most endearing about her of late is the way she looks at herself in the mirror after she returns from the gym. She More

3000 Miles to Graceland and The Caveman More

Doctor with big heart cares for small souls

KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR - By the time Dr. Thomas Whitworth gets to work each day, his

'The Princess Diaries' and 'Osmosis Jones': a kids' coup

Back To Class - Parents seeking films with more traditional messages that still retain enough contemporary flair to hold the attention of today