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Lugging heavy loads

Back To Class - Kids today carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Once only the staple of the hiker, backpacks are not only the new book bag, they carry everything precious to kids these days

Texas exhibit delights legendary fiddler

Johnny Gimble featured in new Country Music Hall of Fame event, the exhibit, which is titled Nashville Salutes Texas! Country from the Lone Star State opens Aug. 18. More

City Picks

Here are just a few headlines from today's City Picks: Guest bartender slings drinks for a good cause, Making a Mexican mess of food, Stinging you with laughter and American art featured at Williams. More

Opportunities for your child to grow

BACK TO CLASS - How do we as parents advise and support our children, especially those overly sensitive children who personalize things, who understand values and know what fairness is all about?

Marvin Gaye continues to sooth and electrify

MUSIC CITY MUSE - Reviews on Marvin Gaye, Afro-Celt Sound System and Perry Farrell.

Readers taken

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City Confidential

Dana Kaye, Media mover and shaker. Dana Kaye wanted to be a spy with the CIA but instead ended up a news reporter. Her father, who was a military intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force, probably inspired her fascination with snooping and sleuthing. More

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's City Picks: Mary week hits A&E, Getting all WET at Warner Park and Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch headline at Bluebird. More

Weekly Reminder

AUGUST 13-17, Phone home, Teacher's pet, Leave it to Betty Crocker and Cure green hair. More

How pain and suffering leads to fun

Well, the pain is back. I More

Chef's choice

Mixing main ingredients - Jerk pork tenderloin with papaya salsa, over-roasted spaghetti squash and marinated vegetable salad. Chef Jason Crockarell of Green Hills Grill was brought on board to help with the expansion of the restaurant into other cities. The time he puts in at work would be overwhelming for many people, but Crockarell still likes to find time to cook with his wife for friends and family.

Pete Yorn plays music for the morning after

Despite his somewhat dark musical textures, singer/songwriter Pete Yorn is finding life in the limelight quite comfortable. And for those who want to catch a rising talent, Yorn plays the Exit/In at 9 tonight. More

'Die Hard' set hits harder

Bruce Willis was best known for his television work and ill-fated attempts at music stardom when the film Die Hard appeared in 1988. Director John McTiernan was widely criticized for casting someone with limited experience and no reputation as an action hero. Willis went through extensive physical training and then proved an excellent choice. More

Summer doldrums continue

As the summer programming doldrums continue, the coming of football season beckons to many sports fans. Although the usual Monday Night game takes a week

Life after Melissa

Trish Poe continues her daughter's mission. If the second part of Trish More

Winging it with butterflies

When I draw my summertime art, I pop butterflies in everywhere. But bringing them into your garden requires slightly more planning: You have to set the scene with the proper plants and butterfly-friendly conditions. More

Finding your final answer

Southern cookin' goes gourmet at Martha's

Now I More

Bluegrass Music Awards nominations announced

Nominations for the 12th annual International Bluegrass Music Awards were announced Thursday morning at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the now household name, Dan Tyminski, is the odds-on favorite to get his share of recognition at the ceremonies on Oct. 4 in Louisville, Ky. More


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