TN Supreme Court rules Metro's participation in 287(g) program was legal

Sheriff’s office announced in August it would end participation in 287(g) when MOA expires   More

Judge awards Villegas $1.1M in attorney fees and expenses

Metro to pay fees and costs in trial of undocumented woman who gave birth while in custody More

Sheriff's Office to end participation in 287(g), shift to Secure Communities

Controversial 287(g) program's memo of agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcements expires Oct. 8   More

Charter amendment would clarify sheriff's disputed 287(g) authority

TN Supreme Court is weighing whether or not sheriff has legal power to enforce federal immigrant detention program   More

Awaiting 287(g) decision, Metro seeks to clarify sheriff's other powers

Legal director Saul Solomon plans to file legislation for charter amendment to spell out 3 authorities of sheriff’s office More

Jury awards $200K in Villegas trial; plaintiff had sought $1.2M

Sheriff's office, Metro will appeal More

Villegas emotional during testimony on day two of trial

Jury expected to decide Thursday on damages for woman who was shackled by sheriff's deputies during childbirth  More

Damages trial for immigrant shackled during childbirth starts this week

Juana Villegas delivered baby while sheriff's deputies kept her strapped to bed More

Jury of peers

Sheriff Hall names a new advisory council for the 287(g) immigration program. Will he listen this time? More

Legislature approves bills targeting immigrants

Key opponents of state immigration bills peel away at the eleventh hour, leaving an open road for lawmakers intent on English-only More
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