State House OKs bill to ignore federal mandate requiring health insurance

Republicans drive effort to challenge national health care reform law  More

State Senate delays vote on cold, cough medicine legislation

Bill would track over-the-counter purchases of medication that contains meth ingredient More

State Senate approves bill to upend national health care reform

Democrats says move will have no effect as federal law preempts state law More

State's new GOP majority reveals factions competing over social, economic issues

Republican leaders attempt delicate dance to appear focused on jobs while appeasing social conservatives More

Tennessee Tea Party takes another stab at killing parts of national health care reform law

Activist group seeks revenge on those who don't support their effort More

Legislation would allow tracking of drug found in cold medicine

Bill counters attempt to ban over-the-counter sales of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine More

State Republicans move to make attorney general an elected office

Beavers’ resolution could put the measure to a popular vote in 2014 More

Law mandating ignition devices for DUI offenders takes effect

Those convicted with a BAC of .15 or higher must install interlock system More

Conservatives clash in District 17 race

It’s no holds barred with Beavers and Lynn More

Letters to the Editor

District 17 Senate primary heats up More
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