Senate takes first step toward electing attorney general

Republican supporters argue appointed AG not accountable to voters; Dems say elections encourage political ambitions  More

Republicans might hire lawyer to sue over health reform

AG still reviewing whether to join 16 other states in health care reform lawsuit More

Tea partiers protest procedure on state health care bill

Bill sponsor tries to calm outrage over procedural delay on vote to opt out of federal health insurance mandate More

Post Politics: Susan Lynn’s gutsy gambit

Kleinheider analyzes the coming struggle between state Sen. Mae Beavers and state Rep. Susan Lynn for the hearts and minds of Republican voters in state Senate District 17 More

Rex: Sara Evans' ex hires disgraced state senator as legal counsel

Mae Beavers v. Susan Lynn for District 17 Senate seat could be nastiest battle this year More

Rex: Insane in the Lane-brain

Rex knows the last thing UT fans want to hear right now is more news concerning former football coach Lane Kiffin — you know, short of him getting a lobotomy. More
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Post Politics: New GOP is a she

The growing movement of women into leadership roles in the GOP is not necessarily a good thing for either women or the party More

State lawmakers step to the fore of state sovereignty movement

Special committee votes to enlist legislators from around the country to the cause More

ATF says federal law trumps state firearms act

Federal agency says that one of a myriad of gun laws passed last legislative session is essentially meaningless More
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