Judge warns CCA witnesses of criminal probe

Inmates sued contending prison run by Nashville's CCA was so violent prisoners call it "Gladiator School" More

Kentucky to walk away from last private prison, contract with CCA

Neighbor to the north steps out of private prison business for first time in three decades More

Open records advocate keeps plugging away against CCA

Issue at hand is whether CCA is considered 'functional equivalent' of a governmental entity More

CCA loses appeal in bid to keep records out of public view

Corrections Corporation of America has lost another appeal in its efforts to prevent records from being made available to the public. More

Suit shows classifying inmates ‘male’ vs. ‘female’ isn’t always simple

Based on her outwardly feminine appearance, jailers sent Brenner to the female ward — where she claims she suffered humiliation and sexual abuse at the hands of women. More

Shuttered Charles Bass annex symbolizes state's lack of minimum-security programs

With the closing of The Farm, the door slammed shut on the best opportunity inmates had to work back into society More

Davidson County sheriff wants to rent 500 open jail beds to surrounding counties

Hall sees strategy as both helpful, a way to generate needed income More

Is CCA trying to buy an immigration bill here similar to Arizona’s?

The company has put significant resources into political campaigns here More

Report says Metro too easy on prison contractor

Watchdog group offers recommendations for better enforcement of Metro contract with CCA More

CCA employed guards where accused cop shooter escaped

Nashville-based company continues to investigate inmate's escape during trip to eye doctor More
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