Creating a new place for Nashville's homeless

Four months after Tent City officially closed, progress is being made on new housing for its former residents More

Metro appoints permanent Social Services Commission director

Position has been filled with interim since controversial leader’s contract not renewed More

Literacy linked to economic development

Tens of thousands of Nashvillians can’t read. What are we going to do about it? More

The long and winding road

A boon, a dagger to the environment, a failure and a revival: Will May Town, the city’s biggest private development in history, ever happen? More

Good times, bad times

The city launches its largest anti-poverty initiative ever, raising the question: Is it harder to fight poverty during a recession or a boom? More

Homelessness: No end in sight

Halfway into Nashville’s 10-year plan to eliminate chronic homelessness, there are actually more people on the streets More

Rex: Titans crash Vanderbilt fundraiser

Jim Cooper treats potential opponent to dinner; Metro Council members hit the airwaves on proposed convention center More

Broad Logic: Council’s welcome shift to the left

If our last Metro Council was like a collective of home-schooled temperance union virgins, our current Council is like a liberal arts college’s randy hemp club on spring break.   More

Mayor forms advisory committee for General Hospital

Group will work with consultant selected to study hospital's business model and offer a cheaper, more efficient way forward More
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