Weekly Obsession: Mae Beavers vs. 'Marbury v. Madison'

Sen. Beavers sponsors bill to make it a felony for federal agents to enforce federal gun laws in Tennessee More

Some see possible state amendments as unnecessary

Critics of proposed amendments, which would head for a vote in 2014, say they're just meant to rouse GOP’s base More

Burch: "Justice" or madness?

Court rules free speech covers anti-gay protesters at soldiers' funerals More

New York Times' court reporter to speak at Vanderbilt today

Adam Liptak to discuss Supreme Court, recent legal news More

Post Politics: Tea partiers should reject 'corporate personhood'

A Supreme Court ruling late last month should provoke grassroots conservatives to embrace their anti-corporate roots More

Books: Author Friedman dissects the people's court

Legal scholar examines the public’s power over the Supreme Court in The Will of the People More

Former Chief Justice Warren has Tennessee case at top of his list

One of the most important cases heard by the U.S. Supreme Court was the landmark case of Baker v. Carr More

Reflections: High Court is killing TV

Wynn calls the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the FCC's "Fleeting Expletives" ruling another nail in the coffin of network television. More

Supreme Court denies Chrysler's appeal in case of Nashville infant crushed in crash

Infant was riding in back seat of Dodge Caravan More

Letters to the Editor

A reader calls Obama's philosophy on who to appoint to the Supreme Court "dangerous," writing that the president will pick someone for their "sympathetic understanding of a litigant, not their understanding of the Constitution."   More
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