Corker, Cooper respond to short-term debt limit extension

Neither man keen on Boehner plan More

Harrington: The radical left coming home to roost

Congressional Democrats attempt to straddle election-year fences in the wake of massive "tea party" rebellion are finding themselves targeted by protestors their own left-wing base. More

Cooper discusses his vote on health care reform

Blue Dog Dem Cooper got reform his way More

Viewpoints: The perils of Pelosi

Letter writers think public opinion war will topple Speaker of the House More

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes that the Blue Dog Democrats are to be commended for finally saying “wait” to the liberal Pelosi-Obama juggernaut on health care. More

Letters to the Editor

A reader suggests that the attacks by Republicans on Nancy Pelosi over what she knew about waterboarding is just meant to divert attention from crimes committed by the Bush administration. More
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