Up for Debate: First Amendment limits

'The City Paper' asks readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More

State attorney general calls 'Ag Gag' bill 'constitutionally suspect'

In opinion issued regarding Livestock Protection Act, AG Cooper says bill is 'underinclusive' in who it involves More

Weekly Obsession: ‘Ag Gag’ bill takes the state back to Orwell’s 1984

Law requires evidence of livestock abuse be turned over within 48 hours, but documenting is often lengthy process More

Neighbors look for solutions to church-based homeless camp

Parishioners of Green Street Church of Christ feel it's their mission to minister to homeless, even against zoning codes More

Federal judge rules against 'Contributor' in Brentwood case

Brentwood officials claim sale of newspapers from sidewalks to vehicles at stoplights is safety, traffic issue   More

Judge dismisses 'Bachelor' discrimination suit, says First Amendment protects content

Aleta Trauger called plaintiffs' efforts 'laudable' but said content is protected free speech More

Federal suit involving online advertising, sex trafficking raises questions on constitutionality

Backpage.com seeks an injunction against state of Tennessee over law it feels wrongfully limits free speech   More

Backpage.com sues state to halt law aimed at online child sex ads

Online classified ads company claims if enacted law 'would impose an intolerable burden on speech across the country' More

After trying to remove Occupy Nashville protesters by force, Haslam seeks middle ground

Last week prosecutors dropped charges against Occupy protesters and a federal judge extended an injunction barring new arrests More

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