State's new GOP majority reveals factions competing over social, economic issues

Republican leaders attempt delicate dance to appear focused on jobs while appeasing social conservatives More

Haslam's first bills include lifting charter schools' enrollment cap

Governor hopes to extend teacher tenure probation period, institute tort reform for businesses More

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One of these things is not like the other More

Haslam steers from jobs creation, veers to business deregulation

Governor says state's employment challenges won't be solved with legislation More

Haslam confronts state budget needing cuts so deep that key services are likely doomed

Governor's first test includes slicing spending on everything from tourism to program for hemophiliacs More

Mental health services budget slashing likened to finger cuts

$15M in potential cuts loom with federal stimulus money gone More

State budget public hearings reveal health program cuts likely loom

Haslam's budget recommendations due March 1 More

Bills targeting teachers' unions spur some to suggest state Republicans playing politics

Tennessee Education Association lobbyist says some on the right 'acting like schoolyard bullies' More

Haslam orders 45-day freeze in new state regulations

Governor meets with Cabinet for first time, wants to review state operations More

Haslam creates blind trust; Pilot holdings not included

New governor will not take state salary More
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