Appeals Court overturns health care company fine

Ruling states lower court excessively penalized local MedQuest subsidiaries regarding Medicare reimbursement More

Burch: Numbers tell the gory story

Country's wealth and earnings disparities have come largely at expense of the middle class More

Burch: Tempest in a Tea Party pot

Americans want responsible government — not ideological grandstanding More

In symbolic vote, state Senate opts to join health care compacts

Tea Party-backed legislation would enable state to consider how to spend federal money dedicated to Medicare and Medicaid  More

Tennessee Tea Party takes another stab at killing parts of national health care reform law

Activist group seeks revenge on those who don't support their effort More

Fraudsters using ‘doughnut hole’ checks to con seniors

Attorney Generals says there’s never a fee for rebate checks More

Letters to the Editor

A reader says the more he about the proposed heath care reform legislation, with page references and the document available for confirmation, the more he sees it as a benevolent tyrant’s dream come true. More
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