6th Circuit upholds ruling in favor of MNPS' 2008 rezoning plan

Frances Spurlock sued MNPS after rezoning made Hillwood, Pearl-Cohn clusters more racially isolated More

Seigenthaler, Egerton talk books, papers and biggest event of last century

Chapter 16: Boogie Chillen'

Preston Lauterbach links segregation-era network of black-owned nightclubs to rock ’n’ roll's birth More

School Board wants to know how rezoning will affect diversity

Families of Metro schoolchildren have made their decisions on rezoning, but now school board members now want to know how those choices will affect diversity at schools altered by the plan. More

VU profs argue that schools are slipping back to segregation

A new book by Vanderbilt professors argue that urban school districts across the country have shifted back to managing segregated schools following the recent lifting of court-ordered desgregation plans. More
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