Nashville's Faith Hill passes on seventh season singing football theme

Singer announces on Twitter that her voice won't serve as the kickoff to 'Sunday Night Football' in 2013 More

The Backpage Debate: NBC's tape delay of Olympic coverage

Resolved: That NBC’s tape delay of premier Olympic events is dumb. More

NHL's broadcast schedule pays minimal attention to Predators

Plans for three networks include three Nashville contests, one of which could ultimately end up on NBC More

ABC, NBC spotlighting Kelley Cannon murder case

Local strangulation murder captured national attention More

Letters to the Editor

Writer thinks networks should have cut into sports coverage when major news happened More

How NBC ‘Lost’ its chance for Olympic gold

Network acknowledging that it will lose at least $200 million on the Winter Olympics More

Holding out for a 'Heroes' fifth season

While waiting, check out Danica Patrick's TV acting debut Wednesday on CSI:NY More

NBC’s ‘Southland’ saga another Leno casualty

The crime drama may be the first show to be renewed for a second season, canceled before any of those episodes ever air, then renewed on cable More

Leno experiment tops year in television

The move has changed the network landscape, though not exactly in the manner NBC envisioned. More

TVision: With glee, NBC offers 'Sing-Off'

Greatly influenced by Fox's new show Glee, this program pits eight singing groups from around the nation vying to win a recording contract More
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