U.S. appeals court remands Villegas decision, finds no bias by judge

6th Circuit denies Metro’s request to reassign judge finding no evidence of favoritism or antagonism More

Federal judge recommends visa for Juana Villegas

Federal judge William Haynes signed an order recommending a U Visa — a temporary visa given to immigrants who are the victims of crimes More

Judge awards Villegas $1.1M in attorney fees and expenses

Metro to pay fees and costs in trial of undocumented woman who gave birth while in custody More

ACLU, others support Villegas’ fight against Metro appeal

Metro is appealing April 2011 decision to grant summary judgment in Villegas' favor More

Judge’s ‘tone, animosity’ toward legal department targeted in Metro’s Villegas appeal

City attorneys cite two other cases they say shows Judge William Haynes' hostility to Metro More

Trademark case of 287(g) program plods along in legal system

A federal jury found law enforcement officials violated Juana Villegas’ due process rights, and Metro is appealing More

Jury awards $200K in Villegas trial; plaintiff had sought $1.2M

Sheriff's office, Metro will appeal More

Villegas emotional during testimony on day two of trial

Jury expected to decide Thursday on damages for woman who was shackled by sheriff's deputies during childbirth  More

Damages trial for immigrant shackled during childbirth starts this week

Juana Villegas delivered baby while sheriff's deputies kept her strapped to bed More

Judge sets trial date for illegal immigrant shackled during birthing process

Woman claims she was subjected to cruel and unusual punishment More
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