House Rules: Vigilante roofers

A Brentwoodian gets some new roofs, whether he wants ‘em or not More

House Rules: The sucker lot — don't buy it

'All this land around you is the mashed potatoes, and your house is at the bottom of the dent.' More

House Rules: Old wires cause fires

If your house pre-dates the Lyndon Johnson administration, which began in 1963, chances are that the wiring in your house is one generation out of date. More

House Rules: Going soft

With good workers in short supply these days, Jowers writes that it’s time for us homeowners to pick up some tools and take care of our own house business.   More

House Rules: Don't trouble the tradespeople

Jowers writes that short of a tornado, there's no force on earth that can wreck your house quicker than a disgruntled tradesman.   More

House Rules: Water, water everywhere…

With all the rain recently falling on Nashville, Jowers gives advice for keeping the basements dry — or how to get them dry after they've flooded. More

House Rules: You get what you pay for

Jowers breaks the cold, hard news to homeowners that: In the home repair/remodeling/improvement business, there are no half-price sales, no blue-light specials and no discount coupons.   More

House Rules: Know your home inspector

Jowers gives those in the market for buying a house advice on how to select a home inspector, and no matter what don't use the seller's, he says. More

House Rules: Beware the meddlesome seller

If you are one of the lucky ones able to buy a house right now, Jowers' humble home inspector advice is to never ask the seller to fix anything; do it yourself. More

House Rules: You are quality control

Jowers writes that over the last few years, he's decided that whether we like it or not, we’re going to have to learn how to make and fix our own stuff.   More
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