Davis: BRT would help low-income residents in East Nashville

Between affluent west neighborhoods and trendy eastern endpoint are public housing residents BRT would aid More

'City Paper' Interview: Dean on transit

Mayor, advisers sit down for discussion of bus rapid transit, what he calls city’s top priority after education More

Letter to the Editor

Nashville can point to Portland as light rail model More

Reader comment

Nashville's lack of street grid could limit mass transit More

Planning group adopts 25-year guide for seven-county region

Document to aid allocation of approximately $6 billion in future federal, state, local funds through 2035 More

Owen: Railing against rail

With high-speed mass transit, the government is creating a supply for which there is not comparable demand More

George: A more pleasant and livable city

Every day in Charlotte, N.C., some 16,000 people ride the Lynx, a 15-station light-rail system that has revolutionized transit in the once-sleepy banking city. More

Mayor: Serious discussions on mass transit could begin in fall

Chamber of Commerce also backs effort to establish more and better public transit in Nashville  More

New approach to regional transportation outlined

Nashville should have robust public transit by 2035, report says  More

Commentary: Clement Landport’s an investment that should have waited

Today, the vacant parking lot that was supposed to serve as a central hub for regional transportation has aged More
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