Post Politics: Long shot gubernatorial campaign gets a little longer

Kleinheider argues a hat trick of setbacks towards the end of legislative may have cost Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey his opportunity to capture the Republican nomination for governor More

Post Politics: A sacrifice to the gods of racial politics

Kleinheider writes that the 24-year-old legislative staffer Blake Graves who got canned after an e-mail firestorm erupted at the state capitol was the target of party politics. More

Post Politics: Spring Hill: Will it be political or strictly business

Spring Hill has the goods to get back in GM’s good graces, but political pressures are likely to torpedo its comebck bid. More

Post Politics: Abortion fight’s new battlefield

The controversial abortion resolution SJR127, which just passed both the state House and Senate, isn't the big win its proponents think it is.  More

Post Politics: Annihilation and assimilation of political independence

In Tennessee and nationwide, politicos don't take kindly to those who jump parties More

Post Politics: Swine flu not modern world's real disease

Kleinheider argues the disease threatening to take down the modern world isn't the swine flu but sensationalism. More

Post Politics: State Democratic Party truce could work

A truce in the Tennessee Democratic Party between TNDP Chairman Chip Forrester and the "establishment" will test the strength of a party in flux. More

Letters to the Editor

Oh comrade, my comrade Earth Day food for thought More

Post Politics: The Tea Party revolution will likely be betrayed

While many on the Right are energized by the level of engagement on display by grassroots libertarians and conservatives in last week's "Tea Party" protests, conservatives should fight the urge to get too excited about this impressive show of force by the Right for one simple reason: It's all happened before. More
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