Nashvillians come to grips with immigration reform

On the anniversary of 287(g), bus loads of Middle Tennesseans take issue to Washington, D.C. More

Commentary: A different prescription for health care reform

This is Part II in a series. Read Part I here More

Letters to the Editor

Cooper discusses his vote on health care reform

Blue Dog Dem Cooper got reform his way More

Commentary: Disappointed in Cooper’s vote

Jim Cooper is a smart man and a conscientious member of Congress. More

Health care reform will add thousands to rolls

What the new health care law means for the people and the industry More

Commentary: Health reform and the colicky baby

I got a call recently from a friend who was at the end of her rope. Her infant was colicky, and although they’d tried everything, their beloved bundle of joy wouldn’t stop screaming. More

Tea partiers protest procedure on state health care bill

Bill sponsor tries to calm outrage over procedural delay on vote to opt out of federal health insurance mandate More

Viewpoints: Rep explains his health care vote

Bart Gordon explains his vote on the national health care bill More

Democratic leader under fire for accusing Republicans of racism

Lieutenant governor, others push bill to opt out of federal health care mandate, draw ire of some Dems  More
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