Commentary: Health care is a personal affair

Health care costs are skyrocketing, but one writer can’t help but wonder what kind of dent we can put into those costs if we could just eat the right foods, curb smoking habits and control our stress levels More

Letters to the Editor

Letter writer says that like most opponents of reform, Tennessee Reps. Blackburn and Roe give lip service to "affordable basic health care for all Americans" but have nothing to offer. More

Letters to the Editor

A reader says the more he about the proposed heath care reform legislation, with page references and the document available for confirmation, the more he sees it as a benevolent tyrant’s dream come true. More

Opinion: Health care reform isn’t a moral imperative

Zizza writes that he finds it fascinating that politicians bring out the morality card when it's time to start spending other people's money.   More

Letters to the Editor

A reader welcomes health care reform, saying it will end insurance companies denying coverage and force them to be upfront about costs. More

Rex: Jameson not too fond of Wild Beaver

Duvall slip-up leads to anal examination, Bredesen absent from Obama health care debate, school board meeting is quite a bore and more. More

Lawmakers weigh three options to expand health coverage

House Speaker Pelosi expects floor debate on contentious issue by July More
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