Metro to stop identifying students by Social Security numbers

District says schoolkids will be identified in data systems by randomly assigned numbers. More

Massive school staff shuffles sweep system

Hundreds of employees are being moved over the summer More

Principal decisions

Staff changes at Metro schools will continue to be made over the summer, though officials say they want the bulk of the work finished by the end of June. More

Register brings in North Carolina researcher

Data expert to help schools analyze test data More

Principals talk publicly about stability for Metro schools

Using a rare public roundtable format, MNPS officials and newly assigned high school principals give a glimpse of what to expect at schools this fall. More

New principals announced for 21 Metro schools

Some changes made to fill vacancies; others came about through the fresh-starting of certain schools. More

Bredesen urges Dean to explore mayoral control

Governor says Dean's view of mayoral control is consistent with his in 'the way you get things done' More

DOE: Dean can't take over schools

Even with potential restructuring under NCLB, mayor will not have a new role this year More

Schools axe Ombudsman contract

Register say there are other more cost-effective alternative learning methods More

Teachers’ union approves new contract

Plan includes incentive pay for some schools More
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