Your Sequester Day guide to what it means for Tennessee

Questions, official comments and what happens when the cuts begin More

Burch: Revenge of the rubes

The 'rubes' dearly love Blackburn and Black because they vote in line with Republicans 99 percent of time   More

Sen. Lamar Alexander names 2014 re-election campaign co-chairs, minus DesJarlais

Asked about the omission of DesJarlais, an Alexander aide said, 'Both agreed it would be a distraction' More

Pair of high-profile primary fights affirms power of Diane Black, NRA

House GOP Caucus chair Debra Maggart ended up on wrong end of NRA's Political Victory Fund More

Anti-Islam Dutch politician to headline Madison church event

Geert Wilders to deliver 'A Warning to America' at Cornerstone Church More

Judge: Zelenik may continue to run ad targeting Black, family business

Aegis Sciences asked for temporary restraining order to stop ad in 6th District More
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Post Politics: New GOP is a she

The growing movement of women into leadership roles in the GOP is not necessarily a good thing for either women or the party More

Post Politics: Leaving a movement hanging

Kleinheider is puzzled why taxpayer activist Ben Cunningham is refusing to lead the tea party movement to a congressional seat of its own More

Rex and The City: Slumdog legislator

CORRECTED VERSION: Rex learns that one member of the state House of Representatives is working on getting his own bailout package More

Post Politics: A sacrifice to the gods of racial politics

Kleinheider writes that the 24-year-old legislative staffer Blake Graves who got canned after an e-mail firestorm erupted at the state capitol was the target of party politics. More
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