Republican-driven resolution would ban state income tax

Legislation would amend state constitution; only three Democrats on board More

Casada wants to keep cities from extending nondiscrimination policies

Bill would prevent municipalities from creating laws that require contractors to have nondiscrimination policies More

State Tea Party exerts clout with new Republican majority

Cunningham says movement to hold politicians 'accountable' More

Business leaders, Christian conservatives work with GOP to defeat nondiscrimination bill

Those groups have teamed with a pair of Republican lawmakers to curb extension of nondiscrimination protections More

Comment: Rutherford

General Assembly's real power resides in the center  More

State GOP elects Harwell as new House speaker

Harwell cites job creation as key issue in upcoming session  More

Tea Party wants transparent House speaker vote

Republican caucus chairman — himself a nominee for the position — says bylaws require secret ballot   More

Republicans eye Casada, Harwell as House speaker

Outgoing House speaker Williams endorses Harwell  More

After election swing, there's a new circus in town

With the legislature and the governor’s office in full Republican control, big changes are afoot More  

Republicans rip governor on proposed tax increase

Bredesen again implores conservatives to offer proposals instead of continuing to shoot his down More
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