After fall from power, state Democrats look for 'new path forward'

Leaders hope new political business model can win back some of last decade's losses More

Former House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh announces retirement

Naifeh was the longest-serving House speaker in Tennessee history More

General Assembly preps for another round of cultural battles

Legislature’s social conservatives open session by taking aim at gays, the Ten Commandments and gun laws More

House committee passes more moderate bargaining bill

Harwell concedes bill to limit teachers' collective bargaining rights could fail in House Finance Committee  More

House committee approves bill that could allow public schools to teach creationism

Academic argues requiring consideration of religion in science classes would waste students' time More

House committee Dems move to ban state sales tax increase

Move comes as a counter to GOP effort to ban state income tax More

Committee OKs bill to limit teachers' collective bargaining

Naifeh calls Republican effort 'raw politics' More

Senate leaders reject compromise on collective bargaining bill

Ramsey says Tennesseans want 'bold' and 'meaningful' educational reform More

State senator calls for expulsion of UofM student protesters

Democrats counter by noting protest was not violent More

House Republicans offer compromise on teachers' collective bargaining issue

Modified bill would allow TEA to negotiate with school boards over base pay and benefits More
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