Country stars, NASCAR together again

Country music’s brightest stars will join several of NASCAR’s hottest drivers for the third annual Sound & Speed Fan Festival in Nashville on Jan. 8-9. More

That’s Racing: Can Danica cure what ails NASCAR?

If Danica can’t revive NASCAR’s pulse it may be time to park the cars and go bowling. More

That's Racing: Is Junior on the wrong stage?

Might Earnhardt be better served to be home working on his team’s problems instead of cavorting onstage with country music stars? More

Celebrity presenters announced for CMA Awards

NASCAR superstar, TV entertainers and country hit-makers among first group More

Football fans could learn a lot from NASCAR

Football fans could take a lesson in perspective from NASCAR fans. No matter how badly things go, they stand by their man. More

IRL to Danica: ‘Please don't run to NASCAR!’

Patrick is playing it coy. She hasn’t said she’s leaving. But — and this is what has the IRL in a sweaty dither — she hasn’t said she’s staying. More

That's Racing: NASCAR becoming NAP-CAR

Racing promoters says points system is killing racing, and that drivers need more incentive to race to win More
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