Welfare for grades bill pulled, Campfield vows to bring back in 2014

Under the legislation, benefits given to people under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, could see their payments docked 30 percent if their child fails to graduate to the next grade level More

Campfield defiant in deposition about posting false information

Campfield sued by Roger Byrge for falsely stating the Democrat had criminal record in 2008 campaign More

Burch: March madness, Tennessee style

State lawmakers never seem to pass up opportunity to quickly sign more sheer stupidity into law More

Weekly Obsession: 'Don’t Say Gay’ bill dreams of time that never was

Campfield refiles legislation that aims to restrict mention of LGBT issues in elementary, middle schools More

Planned Parenthood calls state ‘irresponsible’ for yanking funds to fight syphilis and HIV

Fierce social media backlash over Komen foundation decision draws $3M to Planned Parenthood in 3 days More

Looking to 'believe in better,' Haslam appears determined to take middle road

While members of his party set off on cultural crusades, the governor has kept his agenda more moderate More

Resolution recognizes students who protested 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Metro Council to consider other resolutions, including those honoring Swing, Hines and Pearl High More

State's top three Republicans revel in major legislative victories

With wins — or despite them — some wonder whether party can withstand ideological divisions More

Senate adopts 'don't say gay' bill with 'natural human reproduction science' teaching amendment

Democrats argue amendment actually liberalizes state law More

Senate approves bill to require insurance companies cover cost of youth hearing aids

Opponents contend legislation will increase insurance premiums More
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