Senate committee votes to lift age cap on public breastfeeding

Current age limitation is 12 months More

Critics say state Republicans wasting time on creationism, Islam and 'birthers'

Detractors contend GOP excessively focused on politically extreme causes More

State's new GOP majority reveals factions competing over social, economic issues

Republican leaders attempt delicate dance to appear focused on jobs while appeasing social conservatives More

Post Politics: The subversive nature of Stacey Campfield

Kleinheider argues that, whatever you may think of the principles of Rep. Stacey Campfield, you have to admire the way he continues winning elections More

Rex: Metro Schools publishing problems

Rep. Stacey Campfield is wrestling with controversy as some suggest Zach Wamp should find a new hero More

Post Politics: State Senate could get extreme

Three state house members looking to get 'upped' could change the character of the state senate More

Letters to the Editor

An open letter to Rep. Gary Odom   More
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