Beth Harwell: 'The City Paper' interview

Speaker Harwell discusses the pressing issues of this session as well as her way of running the House More

Year in Review: Republicans use new numbers to flex political, policy muscles

GOP-led legislature, however, for the first time sent Gov. Bill Haslam bills he would refuse to sign More

Gun advocates still pushing for expanded access to firearms

Despite deaths in Newtown, some Tennessee lawmakers say solution to problem is more guns, not less More

Booted GOP leader fears legislators risk getting 'Maggartized' by special interests

Debra Maggart lost to newcomer after interest groups poured in more than $100,000 to unseat her in primary More

Weekly Obsession: A shot across the GOP bow

All those dollars quashed any memory of Ronald Reagan’s famous edict, the so-called 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” More

Dorothy Cooper incident in Chattanooga highlights parties' split regarding photo ID law

Republicans want to prevent voter fraud; Democrats claim political maneuvering, fear disenfranchisement More

State Republicans criticized for fundraiser at governor’s mansion

Dems displeased with high-dollar affair 'Taste of Tennessee Ball' More

Haslam signs into law bill to combat meth production

Legislation components include stiffer penalty for making meth in the presence of children More

House approves bill to require state's voters have photo ID

Republicans say measure will reduce voter fraud; Dems contend it will disenfranchise various groups More

House moves one step closer to passing voter-ID bill

Committee passage means bill is likely to become law More
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