Can the Bill Halsam-led education-reform debate include teacher merit pay?

Legislature must address question of whether performance-based plans actually improve schools More

House Republicans offer compromise on teachers' collective bargaining issue

Modified bill would allow TEA to negotiate with school boards over base pay and benefits More

Legislation would allow tracking of drug found in cold medicine

Bill counters attempt to ban over-the-counter sales of cold medicine containing pseudoephedrine More

Bills targeting teachers' unions spur some to suggest state Republicans playing politics

Tennessee Education Association lobbyist says some on the right 'acting like schoolyard bullies' More

House committee authorizes medical marijuana study

Decision comes after key reversal by Republican Hensley   More
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Post Politics: New GOP is a she

The growing movement of women into leadership roles in the GOP is not necessarily a good thing for either women or the party More

Ramsey wants AG to rule on health care legislation

Tennessee leader joins seven other states in questioning constitutionality of deal More

State lawmakers step to the fore of state sovereignty movement

Special committee votes to enlist legislators from around the country to the cause More
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