Broad new teacher plan lacks performance-based pay

Metro doesn't establish link between student achievement and teacher pay  More
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Tennessee a finalist for Race to the Top education funding

State among 16 finalists for chunk of the $4 billion in federal funds  More

Odds on Tennessee in Race to the Top competition

Handicappers abound, and most rank the state highly More

Commentary: 'Fire 'em all' is education's battle cry?

Funny, I always thought education was about learning to read, write and perform simple mathematical operations, as an absolute bare minimum More

Transformation of Metro high schools continues

Consultant briefs school board on progress of Small Learning Communities  More

State makes bid for federal education funding

Governor asks for more than $500 million from ‘Race to the Top’ program More

Education reform one step closer to the 'Top'

 House, Senate pass Bredesen education reform agenda More

Special Session: Education reform clears another hurdle

 Gov. Bredesen's education reform agenda takes a leap forward in committees  More

Bredesen kicks off special session with ambitious agenda

The governor outlines to a joint session of the General Assembly his plan to get federal funds for education More

Rural lawmaker could complicate special session timetable

Bredesen officals seek to squash talk of tacking on elected school superintendents to education special session agenda More
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