Councilman asks Dean to end 'media noise' on property tax hike

Mayor's campaign committee polled Nashvillians on the issue last winter, sparking speculation More
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Highlights of the mayor's 2010-11 budget More
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The third way

How the Dean administration pulled a trick out of its hat to keep Metro government running with services intact and no tax increase More

Some fears assuaged as mayor unveils next year's budget

$1.52 billion budget makes 1.4 percent departmental cuts, restructures bond debt to cover shortfalls More

Rex: Government watchdog takes government grant?

Rex finds it fishy that journalists need basic computer training; there was something smelly at the State of Metro address last week and other tidbits Bobby Joslin and Buck Dozier More

Crafton rips into convention center plans at Council meeting

Nashville accepts funds for May Town Center studies; Police may begin 'booting' vehicles of repeat parking offenders More
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