Judge rules Kurdish Pride gang members are public nuisance

MNPD initially targeted 22 alleged gangsters in court, but only 14 were named in permanent injunction   More

KPG member named in gang injunction gunned down outside of apartment

Shorish Faraj, 28, was killed in the Tuesday night shooting; Guadalupe Garcia was also shot and injured More

Up for Debate: Police fight gang with civil suit

'The City Paper' asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day   More

City, police use civil suit to put pressure on Kurdish Pride gang

Suit declares KPG and its most active members public nuisances that should be kept from associating within designated “safety zone” More

City sues Kurdish Pride gang, calls them 'public nuisance'

Metro officials have launched a renewed effort against gang activity in South Nashville, filing a civil suit against the Kurdish Pride gang, according to police spokesman Don Aaron. More

Kurdish Pride Gang members to stay behind bars

Court denies brothers’ appeal of convictions, sentences More
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