TN Supreme Court agrees to hear Secretary of State's appeal on voter ID ruling

Court also ordered election officials give regular ballots, not provisional, to voters using library IDs More
0820 Harwell thumb.jpg

Buoyed by primary win, GOP conservative wing takes aim at speaker's seat

Challenge to House Speaker Beth Harwell’s position from right may be about ideology … or just about power grab More

As authorities crack down on sale of synthetic drugs, courts may test new laws

Changing laws on synthetics and how they're produced becomes practice of action and reaction More

Occupy Nashville leans toward fractured conclusion, but not done just yet

State interference looms, while trouble on Occupy's inside lingers More

Haslam makes civil service reform priority, to dismay of some

Governor and many Republicans want to change protections for state workers More

Looking to 'believe in better,' Haslam appears determined to take middle road

While members of his party set off on cultural crusades, the governor has kept his agenda more moderate More

Weekly Obsession: A very flat tax

Governor would like to cut food tax from 5.5 percent to 5.3 percent this year with ultimate goal of flat 5 percent rate More

In election year, Republicans hope popular accomplishments bolster their majority

Gov. Haslam’s agenda seeks to give Republicans something to run on in fall elections More

House moves one step closer to passing voter-ID bill

Committee passage means bill is likely to become law More

House committee approves bill that could allow public schools to teach creationism

Academic argues requiring consideration of religion in science classes would waste students' time More
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