Weekly Obsession: Congressman DesJarlais’ October surprise

Will reports of conservative candidate encouraging a woman — a patient — to have an abortion be a 'game changer'?    More

Analysis: Will Tanner’s retirement inspire ‘Democrats for Haslam’?

Game-changer. That’s what Congressman John Tanner's retirement is. It has and will profoundly affect state politics at every level. More

Post Politics: The truth about the GOP's congressional strategy

Victory is probably just out of grasp for the candidates who are taking on Tennessee's entrenched Democratic incumbent congressmen this year -- and that's exactly what the Republican operatives who recruited them are hoping for More

Updated: Superdelegate Davis slow to endorse Obama

The rise of Sen. Barack Obama, to become the Democrats’ presidential nominee has put most of his party’s faithful on his bandwagon — but not Lincoln Davis, a rural Tennessee Congressman with gubernatorial ambitions. More
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