Federal judge rules against 'Contributor' in Brentwood case

Brentwood officials claim sale of newspapers from sidewalks to vehicles at stoplights is safety, traffic issue   More

ACLU, others support Villegas’ fight against Metro appeal

Metro is appealing April 2011 decision to grant summary judgment in Villegas' favor More

Ten Commandments, guns and abortion headline legislative session

Lawmakers embrace culture wars and move toward easing money limits in a session marked by indiscipline More

Debate turns bizarre as Republican-led legislature tries to kill Metro’s anti-bias bill

Conservative lawmakers deny singling out gays, insist they simply oppose burdening businesses More

Tennessee ACLU joins national fight to get FBI records

Agency claims race and ethnicity date ‘invites unconstitutional racial profiling’ More

Revision allows religious gatherings in Metro Parks

The change will allow groups of up to 25 people to meet regularly without obtaining a permit. More
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