Council may or may not have to deal with alt-nondiscrimination bill

The resolution's main sponsor says he isn’t sure if he will withdraw the legislation. More

Rex: If councilmen can’t follow can they lead?

One of the strangest votes since this version of Metro Council was voted into office in 2007 took place at the Sept. 15 Council meeting. More

Councilmen pitch alternative nondiscrimination bill

Metro Council members who oppose an update to the nondiscrimination ordinance — only one vote away from becoming law — are offering an alternative they say goes further than the current More

Coleman files separate nondiscrimination proposal

Metro Council appears divided on original nondiscrimination ordinance filed by at-large Councilwoman Megan Barry and co-sponsored by nine other members More

Commentary: Laying out the nondiscrimination ordinance

Emotional discrimination issue separates conservative and liberal members of the Metro Council. More
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