Secret Service takes alleged stolen Romney tax records sent to Williamson political groups

Williamson County political parties received letters and flash drives Friday allegedly containing candidates tax records More

Anonymous group allegedly hacked Romney tax records via Franklin firm

Message on website used by programmers and hackers claims candidate's pre-2010 1040 tax returns would be made public More

Burch: White House or Waffle House?

Romney’s contradictory comments suggest he either lacks firm convictions or refuses to make them known More

Burch: Mr. Inappropriate

Less-than-world-class Romney threw shadow over opening ceremonies, left Brits feeling slighted by “ugly American”   More

Burch: Is Romney toast?

Presidential candidate may have just pulled up lame over nondisclosure of tax returns   More

Burch: Mitt snit

Remember what happened last time we elected a president who looked the part?   More

Burch: Mitt Romney’s $101M Cayman Island IRAs

Appearances and organizational skills aside, Mitt Romney is hard to figure out More

Burch: GOP targets women

Are Republican 'alpha males' chipping away at women's rights movement? More

Santorum wins Tennessee Super Tuesday primary over Romney

Exit polls and early voting totals all point to a sizable Santorum win More

Up for Debate: Campfield's about face

'The City Paper’ asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More
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