Corker appearing at 8 events in Middle Tennessee

Series of events to include stops in six regional cities including Nashville and Franklin on Thursday More

The Backpage: Phone records, email and Congress

We at 'The City Paper' were curious how our officials voted on FISA amendments, Patriot Act extension   More

Your Sequester Day guide to what it means for Tennessee

Questions, official comments and what happens when the cuts begin More

Tennessee delegation receives congressional committee assignments

Rep. Blackburn steps up as vice chairwoman of House of Representative’s Energy and Commerce Committee   More

Weekly Obsession: Corker ditches ‘the pledge’ and evokes different era

Once considered necessary for GOPers in Congress, support for Norquist’s 'Taxpayer Protection Pledge' shrinks   More

Sen. Lamar Alexander names 2014 re-election campaign co-chairs, minus DesJarlais

Asked about the omission of DesJarlais, an Alexander aide said, 'Both agreed it would be a distraction' More

Weekly Obsession: Is Bob Corker polishing credentials for a bigger job?

If GOP is uneasy with a big change, Corker could represent an incremental one More

Corker, Cooper lead same congressional delegation back to D.C.

Scott Desjarlais overcame allegations about infidelity and abortion to retain his seat More

Weekly Obsession: One of these things is not like the other

Flummoxed by the alphabet, the TNDP flounders again. More

Tennessee elected officials respond to bin Laden's death

Members of the state's congressional delegation offer praise to military, comfort to 9/11 victims   More
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